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Time:  7pm-Ticket sales start at 6pm
Place:  Eaglecrest Golf Club
           2035 Island Highway, QB                             250-752-6311
Price:  $7.00 per seat

October 12



November 16



January 11



February 8



March 8



April 13


If you have a movie suggestion, we would be happy to hear from you! 

 The Beachflick Chicks

*For more information about the above movies, please refer to the websites www.tiff.net or www.imdb.com  Sometimes rotten tomatoes, you tube or imdb are  used as a resource for this website.



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A note from Eaglecrest:

As Fridays are Fish and Chip nights at the golf course, the dining room tends to be busy.  If you would like to dine before the movie, please consider making a reservation:



Upcoming Movies

January 11

Three Identical Strangers

February 8

Bombshell The Hedy Lamarr Story

March 8

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

April 12


schedule may change due to unforeseeable events and at the discretion of the Beach Flicks Organizers

* due to the nature of fringe movies (international film festival choices), Beachflicks  would like to remind you that there may be adult content shown, subtitles, foreign accents, and profanity.

We do not rate our movies and often do not preview them so that we may also enjoy them as  first time viewers. Please feel free to google them so you know what you are about to see!  Our selections are made  based on trailers and reviews given to us by the TIFF.  We sincerely hope you understand that we are volunteers in all manner of this operation.